Mastering the Trails: 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300 Review and Insights

Looking at the Beta Xtrainer 300 for serious off-road riding? The latest 2024 model combines a smooth, powerful 292.3cc engine with advanced cooling and fuel optimization, set in a compact and maneuverable frame. Explore this review to discover how the Xtrainer 300 could be the reliable, economical, and thrilling partner for your trail adventures, without the jargon.

Key Takeaways

  • The 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300 is equipped with a single-cylinder, two-stroke 292.3cc engine enhanced by a BPV system and a Keihin PWK 36mm carburetor, offering a smooth power delivery and efficient fuel usage.

  • Design features such as a molybdenum steel frame, lower seat height, and liquid cooling system provide increased stability, maneuverability, and consistent performance in a range of conditions.

  • Suspension systems, including the adjustable Ollé suspension and full-suspension design, along with a counter-balanced engine for a better compression ratio, ensure a comfortable ride with superior traction and control.

The 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300: Engine and Performance

Illustration of a two-stroke engine with BPV power valve system

At the heart of the Beta Xtrainer lies its single-cylinder, two stroke engine with 292.3cc displacement. This engine is not just about raw power; it’s about delivering that power in the most efficient and smooth way possible. The two stroke engine leverages the Beta Progressive Valve (BPV) system and a counter balancer to improve power output and smoothness.

A key component in the engine’s performance is the Keihin PWK 36mm carburetor. This carburetor significantly enhances throttle response, facilitating exceptional control over your ride. Complementing this is the electronic oil injection system that optimizes fuel efficiency, making your rides more economical without compromising on the thrill factor.

BPV Power Valve System

The motorcycle engineering marvel, the Beta Progressive Valve or BPV system, increases power output through the optimization of the main flap and side boosters, leading to better progression throughout the rev range. This system is the secret behind the Xtrainer’s impressive power delivery.

But the BPV system isn’t just about power. It also plays a significant role in fuel efficiency. It is this balance of power and economy that truly sets the Beta Xtrainer apart and makes it a highly desirable bike for riders who value both performance and practicality.

Liquid Cooling

The 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300 features:

  • A liquid cooling system for efficient thermal management

  • Consistent peak performance

  • Engine performance that remains consistent during extreme riding conditions

But the benefits of liquid cooled systems don’t stop at temperature control. The special coolant used in the engine also plays a role in diminishing engine vibrations and lowering mechanical noise. So, whether you’re revving up on a hot day or navigating through the chill of dawn, your ride will always be smooth and quiet.

Design and Handling: The 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300

Artistic rendering of the 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300

The 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300 isn’t just about power and performance; it’s equally about design and handling. Constructed from lightweight yet robust molybdenum steel, the bike’s double cradle split perimetric frame significantly enhances its stability.

What’s more, the frame is designed to be approximately 10-15% smaller than the standard RR models. This compactness enhances the Xtrainer’s agility, making it incredibly maneuverable and suitable for a variety of riding conditions.

Seat Height and Ground Clearance

The seat height on the 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300 is:

  • 20mm lower than that of the RR models

  • making it more accessible to riders and easier to manage in challenging conditions

  • with a seat height of 35.8 inches

  • tailored to accommodate riders of various sizes

  • enhancing overall rideability.

In addition, the Beta Xtrainer 300 offers a considerable ground clearance of 12.6 inches. This ample clearance allows the bike to navigate rough terrain effectively, making it an excellent choice for off-road adventures.

Steering Lock and Security System

Security is paramount, and the 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300 doesn’t compromise on this aspect. The bike introduces an electronic key and safety system, marking a noteworthy advancement in motorcycle security.

This system incorporates key-less ignition with an electric start and an integrated anti-theft system, providing both convenience and security for the rider. The lock-out key, paired with a robust steering lock, acts as a significant deterrent to theft, minimizing the potential for unauthorized use.

Suspension and Ride Comfort

The Beta Xtrainer 300’s suspension and ride comfort are features that deserve special mention. The bike’s adjustable shock absorbers, with single, dual or triple-adjustable settings, provide on-the-fly tuning capabilities for different performance needs, such as varying terrains encountered in off-road situations.

Rebound adjustable shocks, also known as adjustable rebound shocks, offer the following benefits:

  • Maintaining tire contact with the ground, leading to better vehicle control

  • Enhanced rider comfort

  • Personalization of suspension setup to match individual riding preferences, enhancing performance or comfort.

Ollé Suspension

The Ollé suspension system is a standout feature of the Beta Xtrainer. It offers a range of adjustments, including preload, compression, and rebound, to tailor the ride according to individual preferences and terrain types.

Regardless of whether you prefer casual trail riding or adventurous play riding, the Ollé suspension system offers the following benefits:

  • Strikes a balance between comfort and control, elevating the riding experience

  • Robust design and adjustability make it well-suited for absorbing impacts

  • Ensures consistent performance even in less structured environments

Footrest Height and Rear Wheel Travel

The full-suspension design of the Beta Xtrainer 300 offers the following benefits:

  • Both wheels can move up and down, allowing the rear wheel to maintain contact with the ground across uneven terrain.

  • This feature ensures better traction and stability.

  • It enhances your control over the bike.

Better handling in turns, facilitated by the suspension systems, derives from their capacity to absorb bumps while maintaining traction and speed. This contributes to better control and confidence while riding, be it on city streets or rugged off-road trails.

Fuel Efficiency and Capacity

Artistic representation of the transparent fuel tank of the 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300

The 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300 offers:

  • Power and performance

  • Economical delivery of these attributes

  • Fuel efficiency rate of approximately 10 kilometers per liter

  • Approximately 95 kilometers per full tank under optimal conditions

One of the design features that enhance both fuel efficiency and engine performance is the easily accessible new air filter box. Not only does this contribute to the Xtrainer’s impressive fuel efficiency, but it also ensures that the engine performs at its peak at all times.

Compression Ratio

The Beta Xtrainer’s lighter weight engine employs a counter-balanced design, which allows for smoother operation that can potentially contribute to an optimized compression ratio.

Indeed, the Beta Xtrainer’s engine features an impressive compression ratio of 11.55:1. This impressive ratio is one of the factors that enhance the bike’s fuel efficiency, further cementing its status as a powerful yet economical choice for riders.

Fuel Tank and Range

One of the practical features of the 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300 is its transparent fuel tank with a fuel tank capacity of 2.3 gallons. This allows you to monitor fuel levels easily during your rides.

What’s more, on a full tank, the Xtrainer is estimated to cover 34 miles in mixed off-road conditions. This significant range, along with the bike’s fuel efficiency, enables you to relish longer rides without concerns about frequent refueling.

LIQUI MOLY Extreme Tours: Booking the 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300

Illustration of the 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300 in a Mongolian landscape

The 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300 serves as more than just a bike; it’s a gateway to unforgettable adventures. With LIQUI MOLY Extreme Tours, you can book the Xtrainer for various tours in Mongolia, offering you immersive experiences in diverse landscapes and cultural activities.

Each tour represents a unique journey, be it a five-day adventure spanning 780 km of terrain or a week-long off-road self-driving exploration of the Gobi Desert. Fully supported and offering an intimate glimpse into Mongolia’s heart, these tours promise a thrilling ride on the Xtrainer and a chance to witness the beauty of Mongolia.

Tour Options and Availability

LIQUI MOLY Extreme Tours offers a variety of route options for riders in Mongolia, showcasing diverse landscapes. You can choose the 5-day Short Offroad Mongolia Tour encompassing 780 km, or the week-long Gobi Tracks tour covering 2,000 km. Each tour offers immersive experiences in steppes, sand dunes, and rocky terrain, combined with cultural activities like horseback riding and nomad encounters.

With a level 3 difficulty grading, the Mongolia tours present a moderate challenge, catering to a wide range of riders. As a tour participant, you benefit from the expertise of guides, culinary services of a private chef, and the reliability of a support vehicle throughout your journey. Whether you’re traversing vast landscapes or exploring the serene Ugii Lake, these tours promise an unforgettable adventure.

Riding in Mongolia

Mongolia offers riders a variety of terrains and challenges. The network of roads includes well-paved sections within urban areas and unpaved tracks in rural zones. The terrain for motorcycle riders varies significantly, encompassing asphalt roads, dirt tracks, gravel, sand dunes, and occasional river crossings. These diverse riding conditions and levels of difficulty make Mongolia a fantastic destination for off-road enthusiasts.

Additionally, Mongolia offers a wealth of cultural experiences. Riders can delve into the country’s nomadic lifestyle by staying in a Ger (a traditional yurt) with a nomadic family. You can also participate in traditional activities like camel riding and witness essential natural wonders such as The Gobi Desert, Lake Khövsgöl, Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, and the Orkhon Valley.


The 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300 is more than a motorcycle; it’s a companion for your adventures. With its powerful and efficient engine, compact design, adjustable suspension, and impressive fuel capacity, it promises a thrilling and comfortable ride. Whether you’re navigating city streets or exploring the rugged landscapes of Mongolia, the Xtrainer is ready to take you on an unforgettable journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of engine does the 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300 have?

The 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300 is equipped with a single-cylinder, two-stroke 292.3cc engine, providing efficient power for off-road performance.

What is the Beta Progressive Valve (BPV) system?

The Beta Progressive Valve (BPV) system is a feature in the Beta Xtrainer’s engine that optimizes power output and fuel efficiency by adjusting the main flap and side boosters.

What is the seat height and ground clearance of the 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300?

The 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300 has a seat height of 35.8 inches and a ground clearance of 12.6 inches, providing a comfortable and capable off-road riding experience.

What tours can I book with the 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300?

You can book the 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300 for LIQUI MOLY Extreme Tours in Mongolia, including the 5-day Short Offroad Mongolia Tour and the week-long Gobi Tracks tour.

What is the fuel efficiency and capacity of the 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300?

The 2024 Beta Xtrainer 300 has a fuel efficiency of approximately 10 kilometers per liter and a fuel tank capacity of 2.3 gallons, making it an efficient choice for long rides.

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