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As the pioneers of offroad Mongolian tours, Liqui Moly Extreme stands apart. Our deep-rooted passion for adventure and our unparalleled knowledge of Mongolia’s diverse landscapes enable us to offer you an experience that’s as authentic as it is exhilarating. Here’s why adventurers choose us:

Self-Drive Freedom

Feel the power and thrill of navigating your own path through Mongolia’s vast, untamed wilderness.

Expertly Crafted Routes

Our tours are the product of extensive local knowledge and a love for adventure. Discover hidden gems and paths less traveled, carefully selected to immerse you fully in the beauty and culture of Mongolia.

Safety & Support

Venture with confidence. Though the journey is yours to command, our expert team is always on standby.

Cultural Immersion

Encounter local nomadic tribes, delve into ancient traditions, and connect with the soul of this magnificent country.

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Enjoy reliability and comfort

Drive with confidence in our fleet of modern offroad vehicles and expert support team

Our tours feature new UAZ Patriots and Toyota Land Cruisers, ensuring your adventure is smooth, safe, and stylish. Drive confidently, knowing you’re behind the wheel of the best.

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Land of the endless blue sky

Mongolia enjoys over 250 sunny days a year making its vast and open landscapes even more breathtaking

2Least densely populated country in the World
3-4Horses and the only true wild horses known as Przewalski's horse
70Head of livestock including horses, sheep, cattle, goals and camels
1.5618th largest country in the world almost the size of Western Europe

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  • When is the ideal season to explore Mongolia?

    The best time to visit Mongolia is during the summer months, from June to August. This period offers warm temperatures, making it ideal for exploring the vast landscapes and attending traditional festivals like Naadam. September is also a good month, offering cooler weather and fewer tourists.

  • How can I experience Mongolia's nomadic lifestyle?

    To truly experience Mongolia\’s nomadic lifestyle, consider staying in a ger (traditional Mongolian yurt) with a nomadic family. Many tour companies offer homestays that allow you to participate in daily activities, such as herding livestock, cooking traditional meals, and learning about Mongolian customs.

  • What natural wonders are essential visits in Mongolia?

    Essential natural wonders in Mongolia include the Gobi Desert, known for its sand dunes and rare wildlife; Lake Khövsgöl, one of the deepest lakes in Asia; and the Altai Mountains, offering stunning landscapes and opportunities for hiking and eagle hunting. The vast steppes and national parks like Gorkhi-Terelj also offer breathtaking scenery.

  • What should I know about Mongolia's food culture?

    Mongolian cuisine is heavily meat-based, with beef, mutton, and goat being staples due to the nomadic lifestyle. Dairy products are also essential. Try traditional dishes like buuz (steamed dumplings), khorhog (mutton cooked with hot stones), and airag (fermented mare’s milk). Vegetarians may find options limited outside urban areas.

  • Is it common to use credit cards across Mongolia?

    In urban areas like Ulaanbaatar, credit cards are widely accepted in hotels, restaurants, and shops. However, in rural areas and when dealing with smaller vendors, cash is king. It\’s advisable to carry enough local currency for purchases and daily expenses.

  • What are the language and communication tips for Mongolia?

    Mongolian is the official language. While English is increasingly taught in schools, it\’s not widely spoken outside major cities. Learning a few basic phrases in Mongolian can be very helpful. Consider carrying a phrasebook or translation app for easier communication.

  • Is Mongolia a safe destination for tourists?

    Mongolia is generally safe for tourists. However, like in any country, it\’s important to be cautious, especially in crowded areas and at night, to avoid petty theft. Use common sense, and follow local advice and travel warnings.

  • Can I drive in Mongolia?

    Foreigners can drive in Mongolia with an international driving permit. However, driving can be challenging due to the country\’s vast distances, remote areas, and varying road conditions.

  • Are there roads in Mongolia?

    Mongolia has a network of roads, but many are unpaved or in poor condition, especially outside urban centers. The country\’s rugged terrain and remote areas can make road travel adventurous. During the rainy season, some roads may become impassable.

  • Is Mongolia a cheap place to visit?

    Mongolia can be a relatively affordable destination, especially when compared to Western countries. Costs can vary widely depending on your travel style, with options ranging from budget stays in gers to luxury tours. Transportation and guided tours can add to expenses.

  • Is it easy to travel to Mongolia?

    Traveling to Mongolia has become easier with international flights to Ulaanbaatar from various countries. Once in Mongolia, traveling to remote areas may require more effort and planning, often involving domestic flights, long drives, or even horseback rides.

  • Is Mongolia left or right-hand drive?

    Mongolia is a right-hand drive country. Vehicles drive on the right side of the road, and the driver’s seat is on the left side of the car.

  • Is it easy to drive in Mongolia?

    Driving in Mongolia can be challenging due to the condition of many roads, the presence of unpaved surfaces, and remote areas without clear signage. For those unaccustomed to such conditions, it can be difficult. Hiring a vehicle with a local driver familiar with the terrain is often the best approach for travelers.

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