Winter Self-Drive Offroad Mongolia Adventures

Dive into a world where the thrill of the offroad meets the untouched beauty of Mongolian winters
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Are You Tired of the Same Old Winter Destinations?

Experience the Thrill of Mongolia's Vast Landscapes Covered in Snow, From the Driver's Seat of an Off-Road Vehicle

Break free from the monotony of typical winter vacations. Our offroad tours in Mongolia offer you a chance to explore landscapes so wild and pristine, they’re untouched by mainstream tourism. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you navigate through snow-covered steppes and icy rivers under the vast Mongolian sky.

Why Liqui Moly Extreme?

Unrivaled Expertise & Authentic Adventures

Liqui Moly Extreme is the pioneer of off-road tours in Mongolia. Our passion for and expertise in this amazing country is unrivaled. We are excited to provide you with an experience that is both genuinely authentic and thrilling. Our winter tours reveal a world where every turn brings a new discovery, from frozen rivers to snow-capped mountains, all while embracing the true spirit of Mongolia. Here’s why adventurers choose us:

Expertly Guided Tours

Navigate Mongolia’s winter terrain with our experienced guides who know every hidden path and secret vista.

Customized Adventures

Whether you’re seeking thrills on steep slopes or peaceful explorations through snowy plains, we tailor your journey to fit your adventure level.

Cultural Immersion

Experience the warm hospitality of nomadic herders, participate in traditional Mongolian winter activities, and enjoy authentic cuisine by the fire.

Sustainable Travel

Journey through Mongolia’s pristine landscapes with a minimal environmental footprint, preserving its beauty for future generations.

All-Inclusive Packages

From premium off-road vehicles equipped for winter to cozy yurt accommodations, we’ve got everything covered for your comfort and safety.

Ice Tracks To Taiga

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Explore Mongolia with Confidence

Leave behind the fear of breakdowns with Liqui Moly Extreme.

Our excursions are powered by the latest UAZ Patriots and Toyota Land Cruisers, blending performance, safety, and sophistication into your journey. Embrace the road ahead with unparalleled assurance, steering with the knowledge that you’re in control of the finest vehicles available.

Discover the Hidden Gem of Asia

Explore the vast, untamed landscapes of Mongolia, where every turn brings a new adventure.

2Least densely populated country in the World
3-4Horses and the only true wild horses known as Przewalski's horse
70Head of livestock including horses, sheep, cattle, goals and camels
1.5618th largest country in the world almost the size of Western Europe

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