Ice Tracks To Taiga

Embark on an 11-day Mongolia winter offroad tour, exploring from Ulaanbaatar to Khuvsgul Lake

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Embark on an unforgettable 11-day Mongolian adventure, where cityscapes blend into untamed wilderness, and cultural heritage meets natural wonders. From the vibrant heart of Ulaanbaatar to the serene expanses of Khuvsgul Lake, this tour invites you to explore Mongolia’s rich tapestry through offroad driving.

Delight in a unique welcome hotpot dinner, witness the majestic wild horses of Khustai National Park, and immerse yourself in the therapeutic waters of Arkhangai Hot Springs. Encounter the mystical Tsaatan tribes, glide over the frozen expanses of Khuvsgul Lake, and celebrate the icy wonders at the Ice Festival. Conclude your journey with a luxurious stay in Ulaanbaatar, carrying home memories that will last a lifetime.

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1.1 Why choose this tour?

  • Discover Mongolia’s urban and wild landscapes, from bustling Ulaanbaatar to the serene Khustai National Park.
  • Immerse yourself in local culture, from enjoying traditional Mongolian hotpot to meeting the nomadic Tsaatan tribe.
  • Experience the thrill of offroad driving across diverse terrains, including the frozen spectacle of Lake Khuvsgul.

02 Overview

  • Style: Guided Self-Drive
  • Terrain: Asphalt, Dirt Tracks, Sandy Tracks, Sand Dunes, Ice Tracks, Frozen Lakes
  • Tour Level: 4

Our tour levels are graded from 1 (easy) to 5 (challenging), with each level reflecting the complexity and challenge based on multiple factors.



12 Days

1,900 KM

03 Itinerary

Day Urban Adventure Begins

  • Hotel
  • Discover Ulaanbaatar's rich culture and indulge in a traditional Mongolian hotpot welcome dinner.

Day Sands & Wild Horses

  • Hotel
  • Khustai National Park where majestic wild horses roam freely and see breathtaking Elsen Tasarkhai sand dunes.

Day Springs & Spirituality

  • Spa Resort
  • Erdene Zu beckons with its tranquil hot springs, offering serene rejuvenation.

Day Murun's Mystique

  • Hotel
  • Explore Murun's hidden beauty, where tradition and nature weave a captivating tale.

Day Mountain Majesty

  • Hotel
  • Marvel at Ulaan Uul's sacred ovoo, standing as guardians of Mongolia's spirituality.

Day Valley Ventures

  • Lodge
  • Venture into Darkhad's vast beauty, where rivers carve through timeless landscapes.

Day Tsaatan Tribe Tales

  • Traditional Yurt
  • Connect with Tsaatan tribes, sharing moments with reindeer herders in remote mountains.

Day Icy Expedition

  • Lodge
  • Brave Khuvsgul's ice, a thrilling journey over a crystal-clear frozen expanse.

Day Festival of Ice

  • Lodge
  • Celebrate winter's magic at Khuvsgul Lake's Ice Festival, a spectacle of joy and unity.

Day Erdenet Exploration

  • Hotel
  • Dive deep into Erdenet's culture, where history and modernity blend seamlessly.

Day Luxurious Farewell

  • Hotel
  • Bid Mongolia adieu in luxury, reflecting on an epic journey from a 5-star view.

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What's Included

5.1 Basics

Prepare for a memorable offroad journey across Mongolia’s luscious green steppes to its frosty, frozen lakes, where every detail is managed by us to ensure you can simply indulge in the excitement!

  • Modern offroad vehicles for teams of two
  • Advanced enduro bikes for the daring
  • Complete fuel supply for the journey
  • Accommodations throughout the route
  • Smooth airport transfers by SIXT
  • Expert team with a cultural guide and private chef
  • Support vehicle for safety and convenience
  • Refreshments and bottled water
  • Welcome and farewell dinners in Ulaanbaatar
  • Exclusive Liqui Moly product kit
  • Entry to all national parks and reserves
  • Curated cultural activities
  • Third-party liability insurance for vehicles

We’re here to ensure your trip is all about excitement and zero hassle!

5.2 Car

There are no limits to the terrain you can conquer in our range of specially equipped new 4×4 expedition cars. Pick your preferred car and enjoy the tracks!


Land Cruiser 76

Land Cruiser 250

5.3 Accommodation

5.4 Acccommodation

Your 11-day adventure across Mongolia features a mix of luxury in Ulaanbaatar’s Blue Sky Hotel, the unique experience of sleeping in a traditional yurt, and cozy stays in selected lodges and hotels. Each accommodation is chosen to complement your journey’s blend of adventure and comfort, providing restful nights after days full of exploration.

5.4 Meals

5.3 Meals

Relax and indulge in meals, snacks, and beverages (non-alcoholic and beer), served by our dedicated cook against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes.

Hotels & Lodges

Traditional Yurts


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Not Included

Package does not include a 4,000,000MNT car rental deposit, flight to Mongolia, visa fees, or any travel and health insurance. Remember to arrange these separately for a smooth journey!

6.2 Upgrade your ride

Our standard car is the rugged and reliable UAZ Patriot

Landcruiser 250

Offroad in luxury with a state of the art 2024 Land Cruiser 250

Landcruiser 76

Upgrade to the legendary Landcruiser 76

6.3 Upgrade your Trip

Driver Service

Sit back and relax as one Liqui Moly Extreme’s professional drivers takes you on your adventure.

Insurance Upgrade

Loss Damage Waiver with reduced excess to 503EUR, Gravel Protection, Sand and Ash Protection, Tire and Windshield Protection, Roadside Protection.

Backseat Passenger

Add up to two additional passengers per car

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